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About Bellona 


Bellona Europa is the Brussels-based branch of the Norwegian Bellona Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation working on the environmental, climate and social issues of our time. We aim to identify, promote and help implement realisable solutions for the protection of nature, the environment and health. To achieve these goals, Bellona continues to work with relevant actors and stakeholders both nationally, and internationally. 

Bellona was founded in 1986 in Oslo, Norway, as an environmental action group. Still headquartered in Oslo, we have since expanded with offices in Brussels, Murmansk and St. Petersburg. Our team consists of about 65 employees with diverse professional backgrounds in communication, engineering, ecology, economics, geosciences, law, physics, and political and social sciences. 

Our solution-oriented approach to climate issues follows the evaluation of existing options, assessment of associated challenges and promotion of identified solutions. Supported by the breadth of knowledge and skills of our experts, Bellona follows a holistic, trans-sectoral approach to assess the economics, climate impacts and technical feasibility of possible climate options. The challenges of climate action are complex and involve multiple influential actors and stakeholders; from national and supranational governments, to internationally operating billion-dollar companies, and the people living in respective regions and countries. To ensure collective action takes place and in the interest of society and the climate, it is crucial to retain open channels of communication. Bellona does not shy away from, and indeed seeks, the exchange with polluting industries, as well as civil society, academia and governments. We believe that the process of finding solutions to pollution from industries that are currently essential to our economy and the standard of living needs to involve them. Bellona is engaged on several platforms where we aim to initiate discussion and fuel debate to identify the climate solutions we need. We work jointly with scientific institutions on several European research projects, and follow close relationships with fellow climate NGOs across the globe. 


Grateful thanks to the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation for supporting our work on industrial climate action. 

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